About Anand Gram

Anand Gram  is a spiritual centre established in peaceful natural lush green area of more than 11 acres surrounded by Natural and organic fruits / Vegetables farms with natural forest beauty which helps you to be with yourself. It is an ideal place for nature lovers and spiritual seekers to blossom and surrender to the UNIVERSAL LAWS

It's an incredible place of natural harmony to discover and recalibrate the self. Anand Gram is a home to an international community, an ideal spiritual pathway to discover the self. This place is designed for holistic and transformational experiences.

It is a space where the ancient wisdom of village life and nature healing embrace you to rejuvenate body and spirit.


Natural Gifts From Mother Earth

We are very enthusiastic about growing a variety of plants of fruits, herbs, woods, spices, flowers, pulses, grains and vegetables for the ANAND GRAM residents as eating food from Nature’s basket is very refreshing and full of Pranas ( vital life force). We also propagate aroma therapies for Wellness so variety of flowers have been grown here to add aesthetic appeal to this place.


Pesticide,Chemical and Waste plastic free zone 

We are committed to provide clean and eco friendly environment for meditation. Keeping this garden free of chemical fertilizers, pesticides and waste plastic is our utmost priority. Moreover providing guests/ yogis with organic fruits and vegetables grown without any poisonous chemical is our motto.



We’re located in Haryana, India, 140 km north of Delhi, in a peaceful environment surrounded by dense trees, rare herbal plants and rich variety of flowers.


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Anand gram is a place where you’ll be able to enjoy a simple lifestyle, natural living and divine love.