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We Welcome Global Volunteers

Cultural Exchange Program

International people come to India and typically go to big metro cities. They don't know that they are missing the real India. Karnal is the small but good historical city of King Karna (related to MAHABHARATA). The surrounding areas consist of farmland and small villages. Volunteers can feel life in the village/on the farm as well as in Karnal. India is a multi-cultural country so travelers can feel a lots of cultures in one place.

We are able to provide transportation to the farm and surrounding area. Many of our friends/family live in the surrounding area you will also have time to meet other Indian families and gain knowledge about how other people live. It is up to the volunteers how much you want to experience ... if you want to go to the market, help prepare food, run errands, etc before or after the work on the farm we encourage you to come along for the ride!

If volunteers want to go deeper in yoga, tantra, meditation or spirituality than this is the best place. We will be happy to share our experience with volunteers.

We treat volunteers as our family members so you will eat, talk and enjoy life as a part of our family. The work you will do as a volunteer is not too strenuous. Here is many kind of work so you can choose the work according to your specialty and expertise.
We really want you to enjoy, relax and soak up Indian culture and Spirituality.

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Types of help and learning 

Farm work

Gardening/Art Projects

Wood Works
Eco Building Projects
General Maintenance
Eco Projects

House/Kitchen Work
Charity Work/Fundraising

Creative/Content Writing
Computers Work

Elderly/Children Companionship

What We Offer

  • Food and accommodation.

  • Experience of Rural India.

  • Natural Fruits and Vegetables

  • Natural Living

  • Experience of Spirituality

About Accomondation

We have 2 different types of accommodation for Volunteers based on their desire:

1. We have 2 basic rooms, Bamboo hut and some Tents  are available for Volunteers. Here we have a kitchen for the respected guests with all Utensils, provisions, vegetables etc. where guests can cook food of their choice.
2. We also have a three floor house in Karnal city. On the first/second floor We can provide accommodation to  Volunteers with their own private/shared room. it is 30 minutes outside of farm. We can travel by car.

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