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Natural Farm

Anand Gram is more than eleven acre farm in a small village of Haryana, 22 Km from Karnal city. This is an ever evolving chemical free, natural farm, developing on the principles of traditional farming wisdom, permaculture, agriculture and Vedic Krishi.

The Beginning

In his childhood Swami Vimal Kirti realized that pesticides and chemicals are very harmful for the soil and all creature's health. He was very enthusiastic to grow an organic fruit orchid in his family farms. 

In order to give practical shape to his vision he requested his loving father to provide him one acre agricultural land to start natural farming. He planted almost all types of fruit plants that could grow at this place.

Now this is the one acre virgin food forest with twenty years old plantation of diverse fruit trees like Jamun, Guavas, Mango, Indian Gooseberry, Fig, Pomegranate, Citrus¸ Wood apple¸ Custard Apple, Jack Fruit, Banana, Litchi and more. Untilled and undisturbed, this patch has become a biodiversity hotspot and a home to birds, reptiles and soil micro-flora.


This is the meditation zone, where all the meditation camps, workshops and gatherings take place in the serene natural ambiance.


Magical Taste Of Blackberry


We have planted more than 50 trees of delicious

  Black Berries.


In 2017 We started growing fruits in one more acre of food forest. In this area 50% plants are Guava plants and 50% plants are Mix fruits plants. Here we have minimum 10 varieties of Guava.

Melia Dubia_edited.jpg

Melia Dubia

In 2019 We planted Melia Dubia plants in half acre. 
On the boundaries and on the border line of every acre also  we planted the same plants.

Symmetric plants on the periphery of our farm give it a perfect look of a natural food forest and add to the beauty of flora and fauna.


In 2020-21 We planted Mahogany in farm to give it rich look

Sundari Apple Ber.jpg

Apple Ber

In 2020 we did 2 acres plantation of Sundari Red Apple Ber.

it is a super delicious fruit from Thailand.






We do and promote Bamboo Farming.

We also have Bamboo Nursery 

SANDALWOOD (1)_edited.jpg


White sandalwood is one of the most precious wood plant. We grow, promote and sell sandalwood plants

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