Natural Farm

The Beginning

​In his childhood Swami Vimal Kirti realised that pesticides and chemicals are very harmful for the soil and all creatures’ health.
He was very enthusiastic to grow an organic fruit orchid in his family farms. 
In order to give practical shape to his vision he requested his loving father to provide him one acre agricultural land to start natural farming. He planted almost all types of fruit plants that could grow at this place.












































































































Pesticide and Chemical free zone

We, at Anand Gram make it a point to use only eco friendly fertilizers prepared with the help of organic waste for our fruits and vegetables. We are aware of the fatal effects of pesticides, chemical fertilizers which enter our body through food. So any poisonous fertilizers are not used in our fruit and vegetable garden.

We want to be as close as possible to a 100% self sufficient and sustainable lifestyle. We are creating an example of an eco friendly farm model for India and abroad for people to be inspired to do the same, in order to make humanity better for mother earth step by step.

Anand Gram is free from harmful pesticides and chemicals. The beautiful result of doing same is amazing.

Our land is full of carbon, biomass and earthworms. We have millions of employees in the form of earthworms. They do work 24 hours,365 days. they makes soil healthy. Water holding capacity of the land as improved. We need very less water for plants. Usually we do not need bio fertiliser for the plants because the earthworms makes the land fertile.

Plastic Free Land

Plastic is very harmful the soil and all the creatures.We do not want to add a single kg to this enormous number. We have picked up all the plastic bits that have been randomly dumped on our land over the years. We are choosing eco friendly building materials to make the houses here.


Zero Waste

We preserve food waste that is compostable and can be reused as fertilizer for the garden. We would like our guests as well to do so as much as they can.

We use all sustainable materials like metal cutlery, clay bowls and jars, local wood table, bamboo furniture etc.

Divine Taste of the produce

natural farming and the holy vibrations of the spirituality provides divine taste to the all produce here.

Full Of Nature

Now this place looks like a forest full of nature, We see new types of birds here. In the morning and evening birds play music and sing the songs without missing a single day.

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The Growth

Those tiny plants have grown as big trees now and this farm looks like a Food Forest.

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The Expansion 

In 2017 We started growing fruits in one more acre of food forest. In this area 50% plants are Guava plants and 50% plants are Mix fruits plants.

media dubia.jpg

Melia Dubia

In 2019 We planted Melia Dubia plants in half acre. 
On the boundaries and on the border line of every acre also  we planted the same plants.

Symmetric plants on the periphery of our farm give it a perfect look of a natural food forest and add to the beauty of flora and fauna.

African Mahogany Tree - Leaf.jpg


In 2021 We planted Mahogany by the side of Melia Dubia plants to give it rich look

On rest of land we grow Vegetables,Herbs,Grains and Pulses

In 2020 we did 2 acres plantation of Kashmiri Red Apple Ber.

At Anand Gram

we have more
than 50 big Trees