Our Vision

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Vision About Spirituality

Each and every person on this planet is born SPIRITUAL. 
Every person is seeking only and only LOVE. 

But there is only one way to find love and that is learning to LOVE  YOURSELF. Love yourself and start loving nature, children, strangers, family, friends with warm and open heart and love will flow to you manifolds.Meditation, yoga, tantra and healing are the best ways to discover your true self, open your heart and shower love on yourself as well as all others who come in your contact.

Though we are born free, but our minds are conditioned to create complications.
Spirituality enables you to meet with the simplicity and purity of your existence; Realign with what you really are.

Spirituality is as simple as breathing. Wide spread spirituality business sells very expansive courses/ sessions / seminars etc. Even reading  hundreds of self help books may prove to be a futile exercise as seeker is not able to follow theoretical and philosophical concepts without practical experience and guidance from an experienced facilitator.

Swami Vimal Kirti’s vision is to make this sacred knowledge and wisdom accessible to everyone in a most simplified manner by offering profit free camps and initiations to people from all over the world.

Vision About Nature

Mother Nature has tremendous power of healing and nurturing all beings. It is self sufficient and does not require any fixing or human intervention to yield fruit and vegetables. But humans, in their ignorance, have destroyed natural resources by reckless use of  poisonous pesticides,machinery and modern technology.
We are committed to bare minimum concrete structures and respect and expand the natural beauty.
Following points highlight our vision about Mother nature:

   •    Adapting sustainable modes of survival
   •    Conserving all forms of energy
   •    Limiting the use of vehicles in Anand Gram that release pollutants
   •    Mass afforestation in different areas of Anand Gram
   •    Adopting natural/organic agriculture for fruit and vegetables 
   •    Reusing and recycling goods
   •    Spreading awareness among people near us