The Founder

Anand Gram  is initiated by Swami Vimal Kirti with the divine blessings and inspiration of Master Osho and Osho disciple Swami Purnanand Bharti( lovingly called Baba).
Since his childhood, Swami Vimal Kirti has been inclined towards spirituality. 

He is a gifted meditation, healing, tantra and yoga facilitator who has helped in transformation of many human beings.

He has also gained experience on alchemy of relationship. 

He is committed to the cause of uplifting human consciousness by developing unique and innovative techniques to create awareness in self seekers.


He also has great love and respect for Mother Nature and is working his best to keep soil pesticides,chemical free and restoring natural balance in the composition of soil. He is dedicated to natural/organic farming and nurtures herbal plants,vegetable crops and fruit trees with tender love and care. His emphasis is on producing high quality natural produce which is rich in nutrition and taste.