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Anand Gramis a high vibrational spiritual place is based on the teachings of Acharya Rajneesh (Osho) and Baba Purnanand Bharti.

It is surrounded by nature and just by being with the silence of nature we enter into deep meditative state.

This place is highly suitable for Silence, Vipassana, Kirtan, Catharsis, Dance, Tantra, Yog Asan, Pranayam, Ashtanga Yoga, Healing and all other types of active and Inactive spiritual practices without any disturbance.

We host meditation and other spiritual camps here. 

It's an incredible place of natural harmony to discover,re-calibrate & dive into the inner realms of the SELF.


We Believe In Total Transformation.
Reverse Prayer Pose

Anamaya (Physical body)

We give special attention to diet and lifestyle to detox, heal and nurture the body and Mind.

Prananmaya (Energy body)

The forest provides the vital life force energy(Prana), which rejuvenates this plane of the soul


Manomaya (Mental body )

The techniques like pranayam, meditation, catharsis, Tantra,Healing etc. clears the mental and emotional blockage which connects us to SELF.

Vijnanamaya (Knowledge body)

This entire process of connecting to our soul opens the gateway of Universal Wisdom.


Anandamaya (Bliss body)

with the re-union to the self, the real happiness and bliss (Ananda) is experience.


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