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Join our volunteering and cultural exchange program

Cultural Exchange Program

"Our Cultural Exchange Program offers international visitors a unique opportunity to experience the authentic essence of India beyond the bustling metro cities. Nestled in the historical city of Karnal, known for its connection to King Karna from the Mahabharata, our program provides a glimpse into rural life amidst farmlands and quaint villages

We provide transportation for volunteers to explore the farm and surrounding areas. Many of our local friends and family reside nearby, offering a chance to immerse in diverse Indian cultures and lifestyles. Volunteers can engage in various activities such as visiting markets, assisting with food preparation, running errands, and more, before or after farm work.

For those interested in delving deeper into yoga, tantra, meditation, or spirituality, our location offers an ideal environment. We are delighted to share our experiences and knowledge with volunteers.

At our program, volunteers are embraced as part of our family, sharing meals, conversations, and the joy of life together. The tasks assigned to volunteers are not overly strenuous, and they can choose activities based on their skills and interests.


Our primary aim is for volunteers to relish, unwind, and absorb the rich tapestry of Indian culture and spirituality during their stay.”

We really want you to enjoy, relax and soak up Indian culture and Spirituality.


Do Volunteering for

  • Farm work

  • Gardening/Art Projects

  • Wood Works

  • Eco Building Projects

  • General Maintenance

  • Eco Projects

  • Help In the house/Cooking

  • Charity Work/Fund Raising

  • Creative/Content Writing

  • Computers Work

  • Elderly/Children Companionship

Get in Exchange

  • Food and Accommodation

  • Experience of Rural India

  • Cultural Exchange

  • Natural Fruits and Vegetables

  • Nature Living

  • Experience of Spirituality
    (Meditation, Naturopathy, Therapeutic Massage, Healing, Tantra, Ayurveda)

Information For Upcoming Volunteers

You are heartily welcome. HOME away from home. Here is essential and basic information about this place to make your stay more comfortable. Please go through the following suggestions carefully.

Document Required Before Arrival

Visa, Passport copy, Travel insurance (If available), and an emergency contact number.

Stay in Touch

It's good to have an Indian mobile sim from Delhi airport for better communication and Internet facility. If you are coming directly to us, please buy an Indian mobile sim from the airport. But if you want to go somewhere else first or want to spend some days in Delhi, then please buy an Indian sim from the JIO Company for better connectivity.

If you are coming to Karnal City After 5 PM. You can book a hotel for a night or book a taxi to the farm.

How to Reach

Nearest Airports: Delhi and Chandigarh. You can come to KARNAL by Train, Bus, Taxi or Bla-Bla-Car from anywhere in India. It's a 2-3 hour journey. Train 1. Install ERAIL APP to check the timing of the train. And book the train ticket before your arrival.  2: From Delhi Airport take a metro to Old Delhi or New Delhi Train station. Fare: Less than 200/- per Person. Bus 1. Take a metro to KASHMIRI GATE. Go to ISBT. 2. Take a Bus to Karnal Old Bus stand or Bye Pass (no need to go to the New Bus Stand). Fare: Less than 200/- per Person. Bla-Bla-Car 1. Install Bla-Bla-Car App. As soon as you reach Delhi Airport, connect with the free wifi available there and find a BLA BLA Car to Karnal. 2. Take a photo of his car number and send me and your family. Fare: Less than 600/- per Person. Taxi Install OLA Or UBER App. And book a taxi. If you book an offline taxi, they will try to charge you more. Fare: Less than 4000/-. Note: ❌ Never book an online bus from Delhi as it can take up to 6 hours. You should share an 8-hour live location with me from Delhi Airport. PLEASE KEEP UPDATING AFTER EVERY HALF HOUR. Indian people are very nice to foreigners, so if you do not have internet, you can ask for a MOBILE HOTSPOT from any co-passenger. * If you arrive in Karnal before 11 AM: You can take a Tuk-Tuk from Karnal Bus Stop or Railway Station to the city home for a fare of less than 50 Rs. * If you reach Karnal after 11 AM: Go to the Old Bus Stand, to counter number-11, take a Bus to Sodapur.  Ask anyone that you want to go to BAAG (FARM).  Its 800m walk. Bus Fare: Less than 50 Rs.

GPS Location & Address


Address: 14, KARNAL PG FOR GIRLS, Gate No-1, Shakti Colony, Near Axis Bank Mall Road, Karnal, Haryana Pin-132001,76.985186

(if you reach here before 11 AM, we can take you to the farm by car)

(if you reach Karnal City after 11 AM, take a Bus/Taxi to reach the farm in Village SODAPUR)


We have three types of accommodation for volunteers:

  • One Shared Room (for max. 6 People)

  • One Bamboo Hut (for max. 3 People)

  • Four Tents (for 1 or 2 People)

Facilities Available:

  • Hot Water

  • Cooler

  • Fridge

  • Wi-Fi (you can use mobile hotspot)


At Anand Gram, we have a kitchen for the respected GUESTS with all utensils, provisions, farm fruits/vegetables, milk for tea, etc. Where guests can cook for themselves food of their choice. 1. We don't have a cook at the farm. Usually, one of the volunteers cooks food for all volunteers with mutual understanding 2. Eggs, Liquor & Non-Veg food, any kind of intoxication/dope is strictly prohibited 3. We will provide you basic groceries, vegetables, fresh fruits from the farm & milk for tea 4. If you want something more — like fruits from the market, dry fruits, chocolates, sweets, any special diet, mosquito cream, toilet paper, medicine, etc. (you can buy from the market with your own money, we can also help you) 5. If you have a stock of extra food items, please consume it before it expires 6. Please keep the kitchen clean and hygienic and do not put any leftover food in the SINK as it can block the waste water drain pipe 7. Never use metal in the microwave oven. Use only microwave-safe utensils like glass and plastic 8. In the kitchen, the very right-hand side tap is for drinking water. 9. If you are a smoker, please smoke in an open area far from other people. Things We Provide: * Basic Groceries * Vegetables * Milk for Chai/Tea * Fresh Fruits from Farm (if available) Things We Don't provide: * Fruits from the market  * Dry fruits * Chocolates * Sweets * Any Other Special Diet * Mosquito cream * Toilet paper * Medicine, etc. (you can buy from the market by your own money, we can also help you in buying) Strictly Prohibited Things: * Eggs * Liquor * Non-Veg food * Any kind of Intoxication/Dope


  1. We adhere to the Workaway/Worldpacker/Helpx/Woofing policy, which entails 25 hours per week of volunteering.

  2. We try our level best to plan the day according to the work schedule but sometimes due to unforeseen circumstances and unpredictable weather, the schedule may get affected. So be prepared to live in spontaneity.

  3. Sometimes we can go to our city home for volunteering.

Your Health

  • If you are under treatment, please share with us before coming.

  • When you are here and you get sick, please share with us & your family too. We will try to help you at our best.

  • You are suggested to take a bath on a daily basis to prevent yourself from all sorts of infections in Indian weather conditions.

  • We do not recommend you to eat street food as they are not hygienic.

  • We will take care of you as our family member, but we are not responsible for any injury or accident.

General points to remember

Please use electricity as per your requirement. And switch off all the electric equipment when not in use. Please keep your room, washroom & toilet clean, hygienic and well-managed during your stay and before leaving (exiting). Please wash and change your bed sheet once a week. In case you wish to wash your laundry by hand, please use the bucket kept in the washroom. Please keep your valuable things safely as we are not responsible for any type of loss. When you go on a city tour, please share your live location with us. Please feel free to contact us if you have any problem or query (we also have a WhatsApp group for volunteers only). We can assist you in booking train, bus, and flight tickets, as wll as provide directions and advice for further traveling and exploring the surroundings of Karnal.

Therapies & Meditation

>Volunteers typically work from 9am to 12pm and 4pm to 6pm, leaving a free period from 12pm to 4pm. During this time, Swami Vimal Kirti may be available to discuss deeper aspects of life with any interested volunteers for 1 or 2 hours, and practical experiments can be conducted if necessary. >Our center offers authentic, easy, and enjoyable instruction in meditation, yoga, tantra, and healing, as well as assistance in improving personal relationships. >Additionally, we offer a complimentary Ayurvedic massage, subject to availability. >Contributions to our yoga and tantra programs are welcome. >Please note that healing, meditation classes, tarot card reading, aura scanning, and DMIT are chargeable. >Open-mindedness is required for those interested in learning tantra or any therapy, and we are happy to assist in this regard. >Spiritual practices are known to cleanse the body, mind, and emotions, and it is normal to experience detoxification, discomfort, and disappointment during the initial stages. >However, if one is open and receptive, our center offers a golden opportunity for a miraculous change in one's life.

Very important to remember

  • You may meet people here who could invite you to their homes. Please never go without our consent for your safety


  • Please Buy a sim from Delhi. It's very difficult to get it in Karnal city. If you try from Karnal, they will ask you for an OTP from any Indian, and I would not be able to provide it



  • Sometimes we can go to our city home for volunteering


Please share your feedback with us. It would be great if you record a video about your experience for our website.

This is graceful if you say goodbye, shake hands, have hugs with patience and love, not in a hurry before your Bus or Train arrives.

Our Volunteers 

“I stayed at Raman's farm for 2 weeks and I really enjoyed my time there! The farm is surrounded by nature and you can see amazing sunrises and sunsets. The nearest village is a very small reality where you can experience the real rural indian life. Amarjeet, the man who's taking care of the farm, is such a sweetheart, I'm so glad to have worked with him. Thank you Raman for this great experience, I hope to see you soon."

Rebecca, IT

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