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Meditation Retreats

Here at Anand Gram, we provide an experience of spiritual and personal connection in a high energy environment. In our meditation retreats, our purpose is to seek love, joy and self-realization with the silencing of the mind, which can be achieved through pranayama practices, guided meditations and other energetic release and grounding techniques.

If you have interest in living this experience, check our upcomming retreats dates!

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     Love is the Gateway to God    

Dear friends, Love salute!

With immense joy we are informing you that as a prasad of Osho's blessings, an intense Sadhna meditation camp is going to be organized in Anand Gram Karnal.

Anand Gram is a garden created by nature in a peaceful green environment, away from the noise of the city.

Whether you are on any path of Sadhna, if you have a thirst to experience your own form of love, then you are cordially invited to this Sahaj Sadhna Camp.

This camp can be helpful for you:

  • To live the importance of Sadhna in Life.

  • To get free from the pain of love for others and experience the divine and supernatural love of self.

  • To merge the doer intelligence, defeated by years of sadhana, into consciousness.

  • To learn the art of living and dying joyfully.

  • To awaken the most auspicious heart lotus, feeling of dedication and feeling of gratitude.


You are welcome if:

  • You can participate in the camp full time. Coming and going in between breaks the bondage of group energy.

  • If you have the courage to keep yourself free from mobile during the session.

  • If you do not wish for heavy food and can take life-enhancing food as prasad.

  • You can balance the basic facilities and inconveniences. You can celebrate Raw Life.

  • You can give up all your previously accumulated knowledge and live like an innocent child.


Camp Director: Guru Satta
Medium: Swami Vimal Kirti and all campers.

Date: Start on 2nd July Tuesday at 4 pm and end on 7th July Sunday night
Location: Anand Gram, Village- Sodapur, Karnal

Contribution Amount: 100-500 Euro Per person (As per your wish) 
1) 96692 19294
2) 82867 20403 (Whatsapp Message Only)


Note: Please confirm your participation by 15th June. So that proper arrangements can be made.

For more information, get in contact with us.

Thank you!


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