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Deep in the forest I stroll to

hear the wisdom of my soul

Anand Gram, that translates into the ‘Hamlet of Happiness’ is a spiritual center surrounded by the lush green food-forest and natural farms. With the belief that ‘uniting with the nature unites us with our self, we aim to provide an ambiance to our guests, nature lovers & spiritual seekers - to experience the bounties of nature and its abundance and receive healing from Mother Earth.


Anand Gram is a home to an international community, offering them the opportunity of forest farm stays, volunteering, cultural exchange and inner transformation, which leads to the path of self-discovery. This place is designed for Holistic and Raw Natural experiences.

It is a space where the ancient wisdom of village life and nature healing embrace you to rejuvenate body,mind and spirit.

The Foundation

Anand Gram is initiated by Swami Vimal Kirti, a disciple of Osho and Swami Purnanand Bharti. His inclination towards both nature and spirituality, since his childhood,  inspired him to plant the existing one-acre food forest for himself in his ancestral land, twenty years ago. Following his inner calling and spiritual guidance, he not only expanded the plantation but also decided to share this Space, its fruits and its energies with others. 


Ever since then, it’s been continuously evolving by the selfless service of the volunteers coming from around the globe. Thus, Anand Gram is a Space for everyone, with everyone and by everyone, in very literal terms.


And, into the forest I go, to lose my mind and find my self….

Anand Gram is a place where Nature bestows her abundance in every form –harvest, fruits, vegetables, grains, herbs, biodiversity, people. Our vision is to expand this euphonious Space, sharing it with compassionate, awakened humans and thus bringing them all together.

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