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Gateway To Love & Happiness

Welcome To Anand Gram

Anand Gram  is a spiritual center established in peaceful natural lush green area of more than 11 acres surrounded by Natural and organic fruits,Vegetables farms with natural forest beauty which helps you to be with yourself. Its a nice place for nature lovers and spiritual seekers to blossom and surrender to the UNIVERSAL LAWS.

  • Meditation,Yoga

  • Healing,Tantra 

  • Tarot

  • DMIT, Aura Scanning

  • Fruit Orchards

  • Vegetable Beds

  • Food Grains

  • Farm Visit

  • Farm Stay



By Immersing yourself in ANAND GRAM you will be able to understand and get in touch with the simplicity of your existence, reconnecting with what you really are ! (THE SOURCE) and your true divine love. 


Finding Balance in Mind, Body & Soul

Meditation, Yoga, Healing and Tantra are the roots of ANAND GRAM. We offer different Healing and Meditation sessions mediated by blessed practitioners who help the body and mind to converge in a spirit of harmony and total wellbeing.  ​ 


Our Meditation techniques are based on ancient Indian system of soul healing.Ancient system deals with physical,emotional and spiritual aspects,changing your life in a deeper way.


You will be able to lose yourself into the labyrinths of your innermost soul,by connecting with Nature healing, holistic living and various forms of Meditation practices.

We Respect
Mother Earth


We celebrate Natures’s Elements  

ANAND GRAM is a chemical, pesticide and waste plastic free natural place. Mother Earth gives us here virgin fruits, vegetables, pulses, grains, herbs, woods and many more. Just by being here in present you will start feeling yourself.

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